Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Just a wee update

Hi guys,

I must be the worst blogger on earth right now, I can't even remember the last time I posted it was defiantly back in February and it was the shortest post ever!! Life has basically taken over this year and the months has been flying in. I can't believe it's the 10 of April already, it's crazy to think its a 3rd of the year over already.
I have so much to fill you guys in with so my apologises if I do any manic blogging, it's just so I can get myself back into my very organised frame of mind. I currently trying to make Samanthas old room into our new office/beauty room but its currently in a right mess with my tripod, lighting ect. Then my bed room is a mess too with all my beauty products ect. Reason why I haven't been in the frame of mind to blog and also because I haven't been well recently but all will be well when the sunnier days finally arrive.
Samantha hasn't been blogging at all for months either we've been really terrible bloggers this year, but liked said life has taken over!!

I will hopefully most defiantly has YouTube up and running this month, I haven't managed to film due feeling weak and dizzy a lot of the time I also had a nasty eye infection for most of march. I think I'm in need of so major cheering up and some sunny vitamin D.

I am so far behind on my lifestyle blogging its crazy, I have a box of products to review and everything so over the next couple of weeks either Samantha or i will get them reviewed and posted up.

Next thing I'm speaking at Newcastle fashion weekend on the 11th of may so that's exciting but I will update you more on that in another post.

I'm also the latest ambassador for the charity Jeans for Genes day but I will update you on all of that In another post.

We also have a few really fun blogger events coming up, back in march we attended a great one held by Laura from North East bloggers with international make up artist Sara Hill. I will upload some photographs from the event, sadly Samantha and I never got our photo taken with Sara but it was lovely to meet her and learn a few tips and tricks.

Ok I will stop my babbling, stay tuned for my next post a review on a benefit product.

If you would like to get in contact with Samantha or I email us at - contactpeachesandrose@gmail.com.



  1. Hi Louise I'm from Israel. I just saw you on TV.. I wish u all best and health!! U seem like a great person. Keep going and do the things u like to do! ❤ Nofar.

  2. Hi, i just saw your docu and just wanted to say youre a very inspiring woman and stunningly beautiful! Thank you for making the docu and im happy to see your creative skills are not being wasted!
    All my best x


  3. Hey I have just seen you on tv :D you are SO beautiful, :D and ever so talented, wish you all the best <3 xxxxx emma xxxxx

  4. Hi! My name is Leona and iÍ wonder if you might could post some pictures when Samanthas old room is done? hope you read this! Bye! ;)

  5. Hi :)
    My name is Johan and i'm from Sweden. Did also see the documentary. I think you are an awesome person and very cute too! :)
    best regards Johan