Friday, 8 February 2013

The Elle Style Awards: Diary of a VIP Guest

With only 4 days to go until Elle Style Awards!! 

I have been given the honour of guest blogging the event, giving you insiders peak into the biggest night in fashion. Sharing my experience from start to finish, from finishing off my outfit to the feast we ate.  

Starting off with 'How i choose my dress' 

To read all about my adventures find them here Diary of a VIP Guest on Elle Uk



  1. Hey Louise :) Just seen a documentary about you and I find you so inspiring! Its people like you who show and prove that if you want something so badly, you shouldn't let anything get in the way :) I'm really interested in the textile industry more but still love reading about your blogs on here and on ELLE! Hope all is well with you

    Sophia xx

  2. Hi Louise, Just watched your documentary on 4oD. You are such an inspiration. I love fashion too and I think you have great style! Can't wait to read more here on your blog and via ELLE! :-)

    Best wishes

    Hannah xx

  3. Hi Louise!

    Yesterday evening i watched your documentary on Belgian television.
    I must say, it was amazing what you did ! I admire your strength to reach for your goals!
    You are so beautiful and elegant. That pink skirt suits you well !
    I am waiting to read more on your blog...
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Louis, I am visiting London for 6weeks, and tonight I was going through different channels on TV, coming across your documentary. I enjoyed your inspirational documentary very much. I was moved by how incredibly beautiful you are, how passionate you are about your dreams and the strengths you have to go get your dreams. I love reading about you.

      Mukon N

  4. When are you going to update? Can't wait to read more :)

  5. Hi Louise. I just watched the documentary on 4OD and immediately went to the Internet to find your blog. Although I'm not in the fashion industry, I knew very soon into the documentary that you were going to be successful in life. Not just because you don't allow your physical challenges to limit you, but also because you have such a fantastic sense of yourself. It takes a lot to assert your ideas in an internship-type situation, but it was clear as day how much you had to contribute. You go girl. You're going to smash it! Sarah x

  6. Hi Louise. A few friends and I have watched your documentary on 4OD, and we find you incredibly inspiring. we are 14 and all love fashion, and hope that we can meet you next time you come to London :D

  7. Hi Louise, love your style! Your going to be success with an attitude like that. Thanks for sharing xxxx

    Labhaoise, Ireland.

  8. Hi Louise
    What a true inspiration you are to all young disabled people in this country. You have overcome some incredible pain and still reached your dream .....You should be so proud of yourself Hats off to you !!! I wish you and your mum well for the future.

    Alison Leicestershire x

  9. Hi Louise,
    I just saw your documentary on Dutch tv and came to find your blog immediately to tell you that I think you're an incredible beauty (you remind me of Paris Hilton - who i think is a beauty as well) and I admire how you and your sweet mom, sis and grandma seem to cope with your condition with a lot of love and true girl-power!
    Keep it up, beautiful. You're a highly special example of elegance and insight in style. Lots of love from Tilburg.

  10. Hi Louise,

    I am living in Holland and just saw your documentary on dutch tv.
    I think it's incredible how you can handle with your handicap.
    You are a big inspiration for all people with a handicap.I hope you are going to be great with your peaches and rose business.
    Don't let anything going to stop you! You are very pretty!
    With your attitude you can reach everything you want! Keep up going.. with lots of love from Zaandam...Holland the Netherlands..

    Marcella XX

  11. Hey, Lousie i just wanted to tell you that i admire you and i think you are great you really made me realise that if i want something i can get it no matter what good luck for future. Lots of love Gabriela

  12. Hi Louise,
    I watched the documentary in the US - you have such incredible style and you have the world at your fingertips... Wishing you all the best for the future! Charlie Bell

  13. Hello Louise!
    I just wanted to say what a huge inspiration you are to me! I worked in the NY fashion industry for many years and the pressure was intense but you have the talent and the courage to endure such a demanding profession. You are and incredible example for other young women out there..don't ever change a thing! You are amazing!

  14. Hello Louise,
    I just watched your documentary on television Quebec in Canada. I think your admirable perseverance. I hope you achieve all your dreams.

  15. H-ello !

    Your documenary has reach Norway...

    Keep up the good work.

    Morten & Cathrine

  16. Hi lousie i just watched your documentry and it has been a huge insparation to me seeing you making your way into the fashion industry while coping with your illness and i wish you good luck!!

  17. Hey Louise! I just watched your documentary too as many people have. I was really touched by your story and the fact that you have never let what other people might think of as a hardship affect you! You have embraced life and I hope you continue to inspire the world :)

  18. Hey Louise, just watched your documentary in Lagos, Nigeria! You are touching people all over the world, you're a true inspiration! Well done, you've got this! Keep pushing :) xx

  19. Really think your an amazing person! Thank you for being an inspiration! Your gorgeous also!